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7.8.2016           Arrival of the new long term IB students
8.-13.8.2016    Karkku orientation camp for the new IB students
13.8.2016        First host family picks up the student from Karkku
16.8.2016        Rebound Briefing D1400 in Oulu
25.8.2016        ”The Night of the Arts” organized by Rotex, D1420
26-28.8.2016   Rotary LXIV EEMA Conference, Helsinki
27–28.8.2016  EEMA for IB students in Helsinki,  D1380-1430
31.8.2016        Training for  host families D1420


1.9.2016           Rebound Training, Helsinki, D1420
7.9.2016           YEO-training, Helsinki D1420
16–18.9.2016  IB-Camp Partaharju, D1430
16–18.9.2016  IB-camp, Vesalan leirikeskus, D1390
17–18.9.2016  Rebound-camp, Partaharju, D1430
17.9.2016        YEO-training, Partaharju, D1430
17.9.2016        Rebound training D1410
22.9.2016        Rebound and YEO training D1380
27.9.2016        YEO and host family training, Rauma, D1410
Sign up for your language test, registration open 1.–30.9.


2.10.2016         Rowing event for protecting the Baltic Sea, D1420
8.10.2016         Rebound training, Estonia, D1420
8.10.2016         Training for YEO, Estonia D1420
8–9.10.2016     IB-Camp D1410
12.10.2016       YEO training, Salo, D1410
15.10.2016       YEO training, District meeting  D1390
15.10.2016       YEO training, District meeting in Oulu D1400
21–23.10.2016 Weekend camp for IB students D1400 and D1380
22.10.2016       District meeting, D1420
29.10.2016       OB-camp and interview, Helsinki, D1420


12.11.2016       District 1400 interviews of new applicants
12.11.2016       Finnish test
19.11.2016       Swedish test
25–30.11.2016 Lapland trip, Harriniva, Muonio (student pays for her/himself)
27.11.2016       District 1410 interview of new exchange applicants and their parents, Turku




15.1.2017       Arrival of the new long term IB students
15-21.1.2017 Karkku orientation camp for the new IB students
21.1.2017       First host family picks up the student from Karkku


23.2.2017       OB- and YEO training, D1380, Härmä Kuntokeskus
25.2.2017       D1400 training 1 for OB candidates in Oulu
Sign up for your language test, registration open 1.–28.2.


5.3.2017         Winter Day at Ellivuori D1410
11.3.2017       YEO Training Tampere, D1390
11.3.2017       OB Training D1410
18.3.2017       OB-training, Helsinki, D1420
18.3.2017       OB-training, Leppävirta, D1430
18.3.2017       D1400 YEO training in Oulu
23–26.3.2017 St. Petersburg Tour (student pays her/himself)
In addition to Lapland Tour and Euro Tour, there’s also a tour to St. Petersburg, Russia. It is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the Russian culture, learn about the city with fascinating history and – of course – share the experience with other exchange students.


1–2.4.2017      District conference D1390
8.4.2017          District conference D1380
8.4.2017          Finnish test
22.4.2017        Swedish test
22.4.2017        District conference D1420
22.–23.4.2017 District meeting D1410
22.-23.4.2017 District conference D1400


4.5.2017          OB training II D1380
6.5.2017          OB training Tampere
– mandatory training for all long term and short term OB students and their parents
6–7.5.2017      Multidistrict meeting in Tampere
12.5.2017        Tallinn Day D1420
12–13.5.2017 Training day for OB-students (short term) and YEO, D 1420
20.5.2017        D1430 District conference
27.5.2017        D1400 Training 2 for OB candidates in Oulu


5.6.2017         OB training D1420, Helsinki
4–18.6.2017   Eurotour (student pays her/himself)

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