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D1420 ”The Protection of Nature and Water” Camp in Vihti      15.7.-26.7.2019
D1400 ”Nordic International Adventure Health & Wellness” Camp in Oulu/Kuusamo 18.7.-1.8.2019
D1390 ”Clean Water Youtube Study Tour” EEMA Camp in Asikkala  20.7.-2.8.2019
D1380 ”PANDA Culture and Nature Summer Camp” EEMA Camp in Ähtäri  28.7.-10.8.2019


IB arrival                                                                                           4.8.2019
Karkku camp                                                                                5.-10.8.2019
Host families pick students from Karkku                                 10.8.2019
Multidistrict meeting in Karkku                                                  9.-10.8.2019
D1420 Host family training                                                         14.8.2019
D1420 Arts night by Rotex in Helsinki                                        15.8.2019
D1420 Rebound briefing                                                             19.8.2019
D1420 YEO training                                                                      28.8.2019
D1410 YEO training in Pori                                                          29.8.2019


D1430 IB, RB and YEO camp in Partaharju                                  13. – 15.9.2019
D1410 YEO training in Salo                                                             17.9.2019
D1390 IB camp in Jyväskylä                                                            20. – 22.9.2019
D1420 Trip to Nuuksio by Rotex                                                     15.9.2019
D1380 YEO training in Härmä                                                         26.9.2019
Language test registration for IB students that arrived in Jan    2. – 30.9.2019


D1420 IB camp in Suomenlinna                                                       5.-6.10.2019
D1410 Rebound briefing in Parainen                                               5.10.2019
D1410 IB camp in Pori                                                                      12.-13.10.2019
D1380 & D1400 IB camp in Alavieska                                             11.-13.10.2019
D1420 YEO training in Estonia                                                          12.10.2019
D1420 District interview of new OB candidates                              26.10.2019
D1410 Halloween party for IB students by Rotex                           26.10.2019
D1390 YEO training                                                                            26.10.2019
D1390 District interview of new OB candidates in Jyväskylä          27.10.2019
D1390 District interview of new OB candidates in Lahti                30.10.2019


D1420 Halloween party for IB students by Rotex                      2.11.2019
D1390 District interview of new OB candidates in Tampere    3.11.2019
Language test, Finnish                                                                  9.11.2019
Language test Swedish                                                                 16.11.2019
D1410 District interview of new OB candidates in Turku         16.11.2019
D1380 District interview of new OB candidates                         22.11.2019
Lapland tour for IB students                                                      22. -27.11.2019


D1420 IB Christmas party by Rotex                                               13.12.2019
D1410 IB Christmas party by Rotex in Turku                                14.12.2019

Merry Christmas !




D1420 Host family training                                                         9.1.2020
IB arrival                                                                                        19.1.2020
Karkku camp                                                                             20.-25.1.2020
Host families pick students from Karkku                                25.1.2020
Multidistrict meeting in Karkku                                              24.-25.1.2020


D1410 IB Winter day by Rotex in Turku                                     15.2.2020
D1380 OB training 1 in Härmä                                                   20.2.2020
Language test sign-up for IB students that arrived in Aug    3. – 28.2.2020


D1410 IB Winterday in Ellivuori                                                   1.3.2020
D1390 OB training in Jyväskylä                                                    10.3.2020
D1410 OB training in Turku                                                         14.3.2020
D1430 OB training in Leppävirta                                                 14.3.2020
D1420 OB training 1                                                                     21.3.2020
Language test, Finnish                                                            28.3.2020


St. Petersburg tour for IB students                                       2. – 5.4.2020
Language test, Swedish                                                          4.4.2020
D1380 OB training 2                                                               9.4.2020
D1380 District Conference                                                    18.4.2020
D1390 District Conference                                                    18.-19.4.2020
D1400 District Conference                                                    18.-19.4.2020
D1410 District Conference                                                    25.-26.4.2020
D1420 District Conference                                                    25.4.2020
National OB training in Tampere                                              25.4.2020
– mandatory training for all OB students (long-term & short-term)
Multidistrict meeting in Tampere                                       25.-26.4.2020


D1420 IB Tallinn trip                                                               15.5.2020
D1430 District Conference                                                    16.-17.5.2020


Eurotour for IB students                                                       1.-16.6.2020

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