What is Rotary?

Rotary is a worldwide service organization whose motto is ”Service Above Self”. It strives, among other things, to increase world understanding, good will and peace.


One of the most prominent of the Rotary programs is Youth Exchange. Every year more than 8000 young students from around the world are given the chance to explore other cultures through this Rotary initiative. The exchange can be for a few weeks, month or for a whole school year.
Rotary´s Youth Exchange Program is safe and inexpensive. The program is safe because the Rotary participants, who form a volunteer safety net for the students, have all been given thorough orientation and extensive training. Neither the host families nor the individual Rotary clubs are paid anything for hosting the students, or for providing the students with free room and board.
During the exchange, yearlong international friendships are established between the students taking part and the families involved in the program.

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