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Host family

An exchange student from abroad becomes a family member in a good home where he/she is supported and protected while being introduced to a new culture. The student usually has 2 to 3 host families, so each family acts as host for 3 to 5 months. The host family’s duty is to provide the student with accommodation – preferably a room of his/her own – and meals. To be a host family does not cost anything and host families are not paid anything either. The Rotary club receiving the student acts as his/her counselor and is responsible for arranging the school, schoolbooks, school transportation for the student, and for paying the student a monthly allowance of 60€. The hosting club also supports the host families and is in contact with them during the year.
Rotarians provide orientation and training for the host families, so that everybody is familiar with the ground rules for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, and knows both the rights and responsibilities of the students. There is no single type host family. The families need not, for example, have children of the same age as an exchange student. If the family has younger sisters or brothers, they are in many cases excellent teachers of the local language. Similarly, a retired couple may have lots of opportunities to introduce the student to the local culture and language.
If you are interested in becoming a host family for Rotary exchange students, please contact the local Rotary club or anyone you find from the list when you click ”Contacts”. The youth exchange officer of the club is happy to tell you more and meet with you well before the arrival of the student.

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