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How to qualify?

The Camp Exchange program is open to all Finnish and Estonian students. The participants are screened and chosen on the basis of their motivation, personal merits and character. Selected candidates are typically relatively good at school, are flexible in new situations, ready to speak in front of others, are able to handle stress, and are independent. Student selection is based on the application and an interview.

The Camp Exchange Program is intended for students aged between 15 and 20.


The application fee of 300€ is payable to Suomen Rotary ry for the camp exchange program. In addition, you have to pay the travel expenses and the compulsory travel insurance. Some camps, however, charge for material and other costs, but otherwise the camps are sponsored by local Rotary clubs.

The application fee of the Camp Exchange Program is paid to the account:
Account Number: (IBAN) FI96 2001 1800 1502 97
Reference: 3502
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How to Apply for the Camp Exchange Program?

1. Contact a local Rotary club and ask if it is possible to participate in the camp exchange program. Contact information for all the Rotary clubs in the six Finnish Rotary districts can be found at the Rotary Finland web site rotary.fi (Club Finder) or use the Internet web browser.

2. Write an application in your own words (one sheet) to the club. Tell about yourself, your family and your motives for participating in this exchange program. Do not forget your contact information!

3. The sponsoring club then interviews the candidates and their families. The final selection is made by the sponsoring club.

4. Fill in the commitment form for the camp exchange program together with the club representative. Pay the application fee.

5. The completed application form should be handed to the club preferably by the end of March.

The summer camp vacancies, locations, countries and themes are announced during the winter and spring. Camps are also arranged during other school holidays.

During the spring preceding the exchange, training events are arranged for all outbound exchange students. These events are all part of the exchange program and are thus compulsory for all outbound students. Exact dates for the training events and other important dates are to be found in the Rotary Youth Exchange Calendar at www.rye.fi/calendar.
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