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How to qualify?

The Long-Term Exchange Program is open to all Finnish and Estonian students. The participants are screened and chosen on the basis of their motivation, personal merits, and character. Selected candidates are typically relatively good at school, flexible in new situations, ready to speak in front of others, are able to handle stress, and are independent. Student selection is based on the application and an interview.

The Long-term exchange program is intended for students who are usually 16 to 17 years of age at the beginning of their exchange. The host countries may have stricter age limits of their own. Document on age limits can be found from Forms page. Finnish and Estonian students start their exchange year in August and come home the following July.


The exact costs for the students are specified more accurately at the countrywide exchange student training event held in late April or early May prior to the exchange. The application fee of 600€ for the Long-Term Exchange Program is payable to Suomen Rotary ry.

• Flight tickets, depending on the destination country, are between 200 € – 2000 € (Europe – New Zeeland)
• Insurance, depending on the destination country, costs are 350 € – 950 €
• Visa depending on the destination country
• Medical certificate and a Dentist’s certificate are to be attached to the application
• Training events before the exchange cost approx. 50€ plus travel expenses
• Flights to far away destinations are arranged in groups, and in these countries we arrange a so-called country program before going to the host families. This program is compulsory for everybody.

Estimated prices of the country programs are:
Brazil/Argentina 800€
Mexico 500€
USA/Canada 1300€
Australia/NZL 800€
• Youth exchange blazer and pins plus postage 250€

Possible extra costs
– Certain countries require additional insurance
– Emergency fund deposit approx. 300€ – (to be returned if it has not been used)
– Medical certificates and vaccinations for the visa application
– Registration with the local authorities at the destination
– Application for a local ID

These extra costs vary from 0€ to 500€, depending on the destination country.

Exchange students travelling to those countries to which group travel flights are arranged, and where we arrange a country program must acquire their flight tickets through the travel agency nominated by Rotary.

According to the Long-Term Exchange Program terms, the hosting Rotary club gives the student a monthly allowance of about 60€ in the local currency. The host club and host families cover all costs relating to board and lodging, school, and family trips. In the USA, students usually pay for their school meals from the monthly allowance from the club.

The application fee of 400€ for the Long-Term Exchange Program is paid to the account:
Bank Account Number: (IBAN) FI96 2001 1800 1502 97
Reference: 1504
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How to Apply for the Long-Term Exchange Program?

You apply for the long-term program by end of September of the year prior to the exchange.

1. Contact a local Rotary club and ask if it is possible to participate in the long-term exchange program. Contact information for all the Rotary clubs in the six Finnish Rotary districts can be found at the Rotary Finland web site rotary.fi (Club Finder) or use the Internet web browser.

2. Write an application in your own words (one sheet) to the club. Tell about yourself, your family and your motives for participation in this exchange program. Do not forget your contact information!

3. The club then interviews the candidates and their families. Selection of the candidates is made on the basis of the application and this interview.

4. The sponsoring district also interviews those candidates selected by the clubs, and final acceptance is made by the district.

5. After being informed that you have been accepted, you fill in the long-term commitment form together with the sponsoring club´s representative. You are asked to give four destination countries to where you commit yourself to go. At least two of these destinations must be non-English speaking countries. At the same time you pay the application fee. The commitment form should be handed to the club, and the application fee paid, by the end of November.

6. Following your acceptance, you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor and dentist in order to obtain the necessary certificates. In the same way you should ask your school office for a certificate (in English) of your studies.

7. Complete the proper application form with the help of an online step-by-step guide. The sponsoring club´s youth exchange officer helps you in this task. The completed application form with all the necessary signatures and attachments must be handed to the club by the end of December.

8. Candidates are assigned their destination countries by Rotary long-term correspondents, who then contact the students in February. Departure for the exchange takes place in July – August.

During the spring preceding the exchange, training events are arranged for all outbound exchange students. These events are all part of the exchange program and are thus compulsory for all outbound students. Exact dates for the training events and other important dates are to be found in the Rotary Youth Exchange Calendar at www.rye.fi/calendar.
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