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IB Student

Long-term Youth Exchange in Finland

Experience the four seasons of this Nordic country. In the North the sun never sets during the summer and you can experience the continuous daylight from day to day. During the winter you can feel the crisp fresh air and look at the great scenery covered with snow. The seasons provide great opportunities for summer and winter sports. As a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Finland, you will spend up to a year living with host families and attending school. In late November early December you may participate on the Lapland Tour organized by the Rotary Youth Exchange Multidistrict.

You will learn a new way of living and a great deal about yourself, when you participate in Rotary’s long-term Youth Exchange program. You will also learn a new language, either Finnish or Swedish. You will also act as the ambassador telling people you meet about your country, culture and ideas. You can help bring the world closer and make many good life-time friends in the process.

More than 250 young people each year participate and experience a turn-point of their life through the Finnish Rotary Youth Exchange. This is your opportunity of a life-time. We expect you to make it happen!

Find out more how you can participate by contacting your local Rotarians or the Youth Exchange Chair in your Rotary District. For more information in English please click http://www.rotary.org/en/StudentsAndYouth/

To explore Finland more please click: http://www.finland.fi

For facts and figures please click: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/fi.html

Summercamps in Finland and estonia
(EEMA Camps)

Rotary Multidistrict 1385-1430 organizes camps every summer. They are held in various locations in Finland and Estonia.

The local Rotary clubs take care of the camp arrangements: meeting the student in the airport at arrival, accommodations, host families, student transportations in Finland/Estonia, camp program, and student safety. Our camps are organized by Rotaries who live in the area and therefore know well the opportunities and interesting attractions that the area can offer. They also know the local authorities whose advice and instructions they follow to make a safe camp for its participants.

You can find detailed camp information under title ”IB STUDENT” here.

We do not accept direct applications from the students, their families or sponsoring Rotary clubs. All applications must go via official EEMA Camp coordinator of your country.

Camps in general

The camp programs are built around specific camp themes. We have a variety of themes every year. Often we have camps on nature (lakes, forests, or archipelago), different sports, music, RYLA and so on. The camps last typically two weeks in July – August time (exact dates vary from camp to camp).

Often (but not always) the first week is a family period when participants live in the host families. During this period the participants have a great opportunity to learn to know local people, culture, habits and way of life.

The other week is the camp period. The participants stay together in an accommodation arranged by the organizing rotaries and follow a daily program that is set by the camp theme. During this period the camp may also make visits to companies and organizations relevant to the theme.

The camps are open to the youth of European countries, Turkey, Israel, USA and Canada. The age requirements vary from camp to camp. Camps are open to everyone, so you do not have to be from a Rotary family.

Our districts have a Youth Exchange Certificate of Rotary International. Therefore we accept students from the certified districts only.

To organize a camp requires a lot of work and commitment from a large number of Rotary and other volunteers. We expect that the participants respect this effort by being active in all items of the program and by following carefully the instructions given by the organizers. It is also noted that the international rules of the Rotary Youth Exchange apply in all our camps.

Participants pay their own costs to and from Finland/Estonia. They shall also have their own pocket money. The organizing Rotaries take care of all transportations from the closest airport. Staying in the host family is free and the organizing Rotaries pay the costs of the camp period. We pay no allowance to the participants.

Participants must have a valid insurance policy in case of injury and sickness for the entire duration of the camp. We urge the student to purchase an insurance policy from
CISI Bolduc insurance company. This insurance policy is approved by Rotary. Select “Plan B” from the offered options.

How to apply to a camp?

If you are interested to participate, please contact your local Rotary Club or the EEMA Camp Coordinator of your country. If you do not know how to make these contacts, send an email to us and we let you know who is your Coordinator and how to contact her/him.

Your local Coordinator will tell you how to apply and where to send the application. Each country has its own way to select the participants.

I wish you warmly welcome to Finland/Estonia and to our camps. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Torsti Poutanen
Inbound EEMA camps
Multidistrict 1385 – 1430
Finland and Estonia
Email: camps-IB@rye.fi

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