Summer exchange introduction text

Summer Exchange Program

Experience an interesting and unforgettable summer in a different cultural environment.

Through the Rotary summer exchange, you can become the guest of a family abroad for a few weeks, after which you bring a youngster from that family to your home for the same period of time. You have the chance to explore a new culture and you can practice the language skills acquired at school in real life situations. The length of the exchange can vary from two weeks up to six weeks, the most common length being 4 + 4 weeks.

For the summer exchange program you have a sponsoring Rotary Club in your home community and a hosting Rotary Club at the destination.

The destination countries in the summer exchange are situated mainly in America, Europe and Africa. The visits to North America (USA and Canada) include a few days for learning about the country and training in New York before flying to the final destination. The flight from Finland to New York is with a group and accompanied by a Rotarian escort.


Summer exchange introduction text
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