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Lapland Tour

The annual long term students’ trip to Muonio Harriniva, Lapland will take place on Nov 24. – Nov 29, 2017. There will be skiing, downhill skiing, husky and reindeer ride and snowshoe walking in our program. We will also visit Santa Claus Village on the way back. The approximate price of the tour is somewhat less than 600 euros.

Bus routes and schedules, student instructions and program will be published in these pages and you will find them before the tour under the title ”IB Student Forms” of the following link

Lapland Tour: Instructions and bus routes & schedules

There will be four buses leaving from different stations in the southern Finland. The student should choose the bus that stops closest to his/her home. Look at the detailed routes and schedules in the above link.

Bus 1: Salo (-Turku) – Muonio – Salo
Bus 2: Porvoo (-Hyvinkää) – Muonio – Porvoo
Bus 3: Lohja (-Helsinki) – Muonio – Lohja
Bus 4: Kotka – Muonio – Kotka



Dear Exchange Student, we wish you welcome to EUROTOUR 2017 next summer. You will have an extraordinary opportunity to travel through Baltic countries and Central Europe and visit interesting cities and places – and of course in the best possible company. In 2 weeks we’ll visit 7 countries. We’ll have nice buses and good hotels. The price of the tour consists of transportation by buses and ferries, double room hotels, breakfasts and lunches or dinners, necessary entrance fees to different attractions that we visit during the tour and the return flight from Berlin to Helsinki. The approximate price of the tour is somewhat more than 2000 euros.

This trip is optional and all students attending the Tour will pay the cost themselves. A permit granted by the students’ parents and host club is required to take part to the EuroTour.

EuroTour 2018 will be organized on 4.6.-19.6.2018. You will receive all material via ordinary mail in the address of Your host family.

You can find the information before the tour also under title ”IB Student” here.

EuroTour is organized by RYE multidistrict organization.The person responsible for arrangements is:

Anneli Mustakallio
Pauhankatu 13
92100 Raahe
gsm. 0400 394972

Russian Tour

The long term students will have every year a possibility to visit St Petersburg in Russia. The trip will give a unique opportunity to learn to know a city and culture definitely different from yours.

The trip will be made by buses and will be guided by Rotarians. Among the places we visit will be central tourist attractions of St Petersburg, such as the Fortress of Peter and Paul, Hermitage Museum, Isaac’s Cathedral, Main street Nevski Prospekt and it’s buildings and shops and river Neva. The program will vary somewhat each year.

The trip is optional and students will have to pay the trip themselves. In January 2017 all the students will receive an email, giving the necessary information. All the material sent in the email will be also available here. You will also receive a link to query! Via that query you´ll be asked to announce whether you join or not the Russian Tour this year!

If You haven’t received an email, please contact the organizer, Kari Tuominen.

Next trip will take place on 26. – 29.4.2018.

You can find the information before the tour under title ”IB Student” here.

This trip is organized by the RYE multidistrict organization and the person responsible for the arrangements is:

Kari Tuominen
Metsärinteentie 41
28200 Pori
gsm 0400 597 165

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