Kalenteri – Kalender – Calendar

IB = Inbound Student = a foreign Rotary exchange student hosted in Finland/Estonia
OB = Outbound Student = a Finnish/Estonian Rotary exchange student going to an exchange in abroad
RB = Rebound Student = a Finnish/Estonian Rotary exchange student that has returned home from the exchange
YEO = Youth Exchange Officer = Nuorisovaihtovastaava = Ungdomsutbytesansvarig




D1420 Host family training (live in Skyline Vantaa)11.1.
Arrival of IB students21.1.
IB orientation camp (in Karkku)22.-27.1.
IB pick-up from Karkku (by 1st host family)27.1. (registration by 22.1.)
Multidistrict meeting (in Karkku)26.1.




D1410 Inbound Winter Event by Rotex (Saarontie 59, Turku)17.2. at 12:00 – 16:00




D1410 IB Winterday in Ellivuori3.3.
D1410 OB training (live in Turku)9.3.
D1390 OB training9.3.
D1390 YEO training9.3.
D1410 Host family training (online)13.3.
Multidistrict meeting (online)13.3. at 19:00
D1385 OB training (live in Oulu)16.3. at 11:00
D1430 OB training (live in Leppävirta)16.3.
D1430 YEO training (live in Leppävirta)16.3.
D1420 OB training (live in Skyline, Vantaa) 23.3.
D1385 OB training (live in Härmän Kuntokeskus)26.3. at 17:45




D1410 District Conference (in Mariehamn)6. – 7.4.
D1420 IB and OB students’ get-together6.4.
Stockholm Tour for IB students18. – 21.4.
National Outbound Training (in Lahti)
Note ! Mandatory participation of new long-term and family-to-family outbound students.
Multidistrict meeting (in Lahti)27.4.




D1420 IB Tallinn trip3.5.
D1430 District Conference (in Kuopio)18. – 19.5.
D1410 Inbound Picnic Day by Rotex (Kupittaanpuisto, Turku)25.5. at 12:00 – 17:00




D1420 OB training (live in xxxx)3.6.
EuroTour for IB students3. – 18.6.







Arrival of IB students4.8.
IB orientation camp in Karkku5. – 10.8.
Multidistrict meeting in Karkku9.8.
IB pick-up from Karkku (by 1st host family)10.8.
D1390 The Future Camp for Youth (in Tampere and Virrat)4.8. – 17.8.
D1410 International RYLA Camp (in Raisio)5.8. – 18.8.




D1410 Joint RB briefing, IB Camp and YEO Training (live in Laitila)14.9. – 15.9.
Free-form applications from new OB candidates in clubs by30.9.




District interviews of new OB applicants (all districts)26.10.




Lapland Tour for IB students23. – 28.11.




Outbound applications forms filled and signed in student database by15.12.