Welcome to Finland and Estonia

Finland and Estonia annually welcome about 120 long-term inbound students from all corners of the world. The main group arrives in August and a smaller one in January. The students are placed all over the country in five Rotary districts; however, the vast majority of places are in Finland. Most commonly Rotary clubs in smaller country towns are more active in taking part in the RYE program, although they normally host only one student each.

On top of the optional program, which the Multidistrict organization arranges for all the inbound students together, the five districts run their own activities together with their Rotex tutors.

We are proud to offer our  inbound students safe and well-functioning societies where even young school children are able to walk to school unaccompanied. Our public transportation systems are reliable and student fares reasonable, which makes travelling uncomplicated. We cherish our clean nature and love outdoor activities and also offer good opportunities to do sport. When you add our well-renowned school systems, you have all the right reasons to spend your exchange year in Finland or in Estonia, some of the happiest countries on earth!