Rotex Finland is an organisation composed of former Rotary exchange students, operating under the Rotary Finland multidistrict. There are currently over 50 active Rotexes in Finland

Rotexes organize activities for the inbound students and assist Rotarians in multiple exchange-related tasks. Rotexes partake in the trainings of Rotarians, exchange students and host families. Additionally, the Rotexes participate in the camps and trips organised for the inbound students, as well as help the students in their new everyday lives in Finland or abroad. A crucial part of being a Rotex is to provide peer support to future, current and former exchange students.

Rotex Finland is an active organisation and an important part of the Rotary youth exchange programme. Rotex Finland co-operates with Rotex International and the global network of Rotexes.

You can reach the Rotex by contacting the Rotex leader of your host district. You can find the Rotex district leaders here.