Summer Camps 

Camps in Finland and Estonia


The Finnish-Estonian Multidistrict D1385 – 1430 organizes camps every summer. They are held in various locations in Finland and Estonia.

The local Rotary clubs take care of the camp arrangements: meeting the student in the airport at arrival, accommodations, host families, ground transportations in Finland/Estonia, camp program, and student safety. Our camps are organized by Rotarians that live in the area and who are familiar with the opportunities and interesting attractions that the area can offer. They also know the local authorities whose advice and instructions they follow to make a safe camp for the participants.

We do not accept direct applications from the students, their families, or sponsoring Rotary clubs. All applications must go through the official EEMA Camp coordinator of your country.


Camps in general

The camp programs are built around specific camp themes. We have a variety of themes every year. Often we have camps on nature (lakes, forests, or archipelago), different forms of sport, music, leadership (RYLA) and so on. The camps typically last  two weeks during July – August (the dates vary from camp to camp).

Often (but not always) the first week is a family period where the participants stay with their host families. During this period, the participants have a great opportunity to learn to know local people, culture, habits, and way of life.

The other week is the camp period. The participants stay together in an accommodation arranged by the organizing Rotarians and follow a daily program that is set by the camp theme. During this period, the camp may also visit companies and organizations relevant to the theme.

The participant age requirements vary from camp to camp. Camps are open to everyone, so you do not have to be from a Rotary family. The language of the camps is English. We prefer candidates that are flexible in their diet.

Our districts have a Rotary International Youth Exchange Certificate. Therefore, we accept students from the certified districts only. The certificate demands that all our host families, Rotarians and other volunteers are checked for eventual criminal background.

To organize a camp requires a lot of work and commitment from a large number of Rotarians and other volunteers. We expect that the participants respect this effort by being active in all events of the program and by carefully following  the instructions given by the organizers. Please note that the international rules of the Rotary Youth Exchange apply in all our camps.

Participants pay their own costs to and from Finland/Estonia. They should also have their own pocket money. The organizing Rotarians take care of all ground transportations from the closest airport. Staying in the host family is free and the organizing Rotarians pay the costs of the camp period. No allowance is paid to the participants.

Participants must have a valid insurance policy in case of injury or sickness for the entire duration of the camp. We urge the student to purchase an insurance policy from CISI Bolduc insurance company. This insurance policy is approved by Rotary International. Select “Plan B” from the offered options.


Camps of 2024

We will organize two Summer Camps in Finland during the summer 2024.

Both our camps have become fully booked and new participants are not taken anymore.
Camps of summer 2025 will be published here in January 2025.

D1390 – The Future Camp for Youth
Tampere and Virrat, Finland: 4.8. – 17.8.2024
Age: 15 – 17 years
Camp Fee: 250 euros

D1410 – International RYLA Camp
Raisio, Finland: 5.8. – 18.8.2024
Age: 18 – 20 years
Camp Fee: 250 euros


How to apply to a camp?

If you are interested in participating, please contact your local Rotary Club or the Camp Coordinator of your country. If you do not know how to make these contacts, please send an email to us and we will let you know who is your Coordinator and how to contact them.

Your local Coordinator will tell you how to apply and where to send the application. Each country has its own way of selecting the participants.

We in the Finnish-Estonian Multidistrict wish you warmly welcome to Finland/Estonia and to our camps.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our camp coordinators.

Snapshots from our 2022 camps.

Videos that show examples of our camps from previous years. Enjoy !