After the exchange

Your exchange is coming to an end in Finland or in Estonia. You say goodbye to your friends, host families and host Rotary club, and travel back home. However, although your exchange has ended, your path in the Rotary world has just begun. You are a lifelong Rotary youth exchange alumnus/alumna – congratulations!

There are many ways you can continue your Rotary journey:

  • You can be a lifelong Ambassador of Rotary youth exchange programs. Continue to spread the word to keep the exchange programs alive. Use the hashtags of your area. In Finland: #ryefinland
  • Keep in touch with your local sponsor Rotary club in your own country. Share your exchange experiences and get involved in your club’s activities.
  • Keep in touch with your host Rotary club and families in Finland/Estonia. Why not film short clips with your phone or send a couple of pictures with a note every now and then? It is always nicer to come back to visit, when you have stayed in touch.
  • Find the local Rotex group in your area. As a Rotex you can act as a tutor for the inbound students and share your exchange experiences.
  • Want to do good in your local community? Join Rotaract or create a new Rotaract club in your area. Read more here.
  • Want to become a Rotarian in the future? Visit different Rotary clubs and find one that resonates with you. Or alternatively find a minimum of eight people and start a new Rotary satellite club. Read more here.

Rotary youth exchange – building lifelong connections!