Vaihto-oppilaan matkustussäännöt – Travelling Rules for Inbound Students


These rules apply to all inbound exchange students staying in Finland or Estonia.

Travelling abroad

An exchange student staying in Finland is not allowed to travel alone – in any circumstances – to any other country
outside Finland. Estonia is considered a country outside Finland.

An exchange student staying in Estonia is not allowed to travel alone – in any circumstances – to any other country
outside Estonia. Finland is considered a country outside Estonia.

Travelling abroad alone is always prohibited, even if accompanied by friends or other exchange students or if family
members are meeting the student in the destination.

Travelling abroad is allowed only with hosting Rotarians, with the parents of the student’s host family or with own
parents. Taking part in a school trip that belongs to the school year plan is allowed. In all these cases the following
permissions are required.

  • Written permission from the host club president or youth exchange counselor
  • Written permission from the host family
  • Written permission specific for the trip from the student’s own parents
  • Permission from school if the trip is going to take place during the school time
  • Permission from the youth exchange chairman of the hosting district. The chairman makes the final go/nogo decision of the trip.

It is the responsibility of the inbound student to acquire these permissions.

The student can attend trips abroad when the hosting Rotarians organize them for the inbound students. In this
case a written permission from the own parents is all that is needed.

When the exchange year ends, the student must return home with no delays other than reasonable waiting times
of connecting transportations. Interrupting the home return for any reason (e.g. sight-seeing, visiting relatives etc.)
is not allowed.

Travelling in the host country

Travelling alone during the weekends is allowed only when the nights are spent in a Rotary family or in a host
family of another exchange student. In both cases the parents must be present and the visit must be agreed with
them well in advance (approx. one week). The student must get permission from his host family. Before the visit
the youth exchange counselor must contact the family that offers the place to stay and verify with them that all
aspects of the visit meet the travelling rules and the student safety is guaranteed.

Travelling with host family is allowed.

Inbound trips, camps and meetings organized by the hosting Rotaries are allowed.

Taking part in trips and meetings, when they are organized by Rotex and agreed with the youth exchange chairman
of the host district, is allowed.

Exchange student get-togethers, when they do not belong to Rotary or Rotex program, are prohibited. Examples of
such prohibited activities are unofficial self-organized parties, meetings in camping places, hotels, at friends etc.