Rotary Youth Exchange Rules


These are the Rotary International Rules for Inbound Students. You have agreed to comply by signing your Exchange Application.

  1. You must have a travel insurance that applies to the Rotary International standards
  2. Four Ds: No driving, no dating, no drinking, no drugs plus an additional two Ds: No body Decorations/Piercing, no Downloading of Indecent Material
    • Do not drive any motor vehicles (not even host sister’s scooter)
    • No serious dating
    • No alcohol / no smoking (not even if you are 18) – beer is alcohol in Finland and Estonia
    • No drugs including marijuana which is considered an illegal drug in Finnish & Estonian laws. If you caught carrying or using drugs, you will be reported to the police and returned home immediately.
  3. Attend school regularly
  4. Study the local language
  5. You need to fill in your quarterly reports!
  6. No travelling at all during the school time. Refer to the separate Travelling Rules of Inbound Students ->
  7. Staying overnight at a friend’s house ONLY, if the parents are present
  8. No camping, staying at hotels etc. without parents
  9. Be active – try new sports and other hobbies