First Night Questions


The idea of these questions is to establish the house rules, so that you will find yourself at home and at ease regarding the expectations of your host family. It is a good idea to return to the questions in a couple of weeks and reassure that you everything is going smoothly. It is evident, that there will be moments of disappointment, irritation and cultural differences, but they will all be overcome by communicating openly. And don’t forget humor, it always helps even  in a tricky situation!

Questionnaire for The First Night with Your Host Family

 What do I call you?
 What do you want me to do in the house in addition to:

  • make my bed every day?
  • always keep my room tidy?
  • clean the bathroom every time I use it?

 What is the laundry procedure?
 Where should I put dirty clothes until wash day?
 Should I wash my own underwear?
 Should I do my own ironing?
 May I use the iron, washing machine, sewing machine, etc. at any time?
 Where may I keep my toiletries?
 When is convenient time for me to use the shower/bath?
 May I use the family bathroom toiletries, i.e., toothpaste, soap, etc?
 What to flush and what NOT to flush in the toilet? (Mitä saa laittaa ja mitä EI saa laittaa WC-pönttöön?)
 What time are meals?
 What can I do to assist at mealtimes:

  • set the table?
  • clear the table?
  • help wash the dishes?
  • put the dishes away?
  • empty the garbage?

 May I help myself to food and drink or must I ask first?
 What areas of the house are strictly private?
 May I put pictures / posters in my room?
 May I rearrange my bedroom?
 Where can I store my suitcases?
 What time must I get up on weekdays? on weekends?
 What are the rules for me going out at night and at what time must I be home?
 May I have friends spend the night? Visit during the day?
 What are the rules about me using the internet?
 What address do I use for my incoming mail?
 Does my host father or mother have any dislikes, such as chewing gum, wearing a hat or curlers  at the table or  rock music (and how loud)?
 Do my host brothers or sisters have any dislikes?
 What are the birthdays of my host family?
 How do I get around: to school? locally? to the city?
 May I use the stereo or TV at any time?
 What are the rules about going to church?
 Would you like me to phone home if I’ll be more than 30 minutes late?
 When we go out as a family, should I pay my own entrance fee, meals, etc?

 What arrangements should I make for school lunch?
 Does the Rotary club pay my cost of travel to school?
 Am I to attend Rotary meetings?
 What else can I do around the house: cut the lawn, help clean, babysit?
 Is there anything else you would like me to know?